30 July 2012

Tulsa Hits 108 Degrees Sunday- Forecast for Wednesday 113!

Posted by Dan Satterfield

My home-town on a much cooler early autumn day. The forecast is for 113 by Wednesday. My pic.

The temp. at midnight in Tulsa was 95 degrees after a high of 108 on Sunday.

The heat goes on and on and on… FYI- the all time record for Tulsa is 116 degrees in the dust bowl August of 1936. From what I see on the numerical models tonight, that record is in jeopardy.

Update 1 am EDT Tues. 31 July: Tulsa set an all time record high minimum on Monday at 88 degrees. The afternoon high was 109. Little rock hit 111 which is 3 shy of the hottest ever recorded there.