8 May 2012

Are Helmets A Good Idea During Tornado Warnings? Well Duh!!

Posted by Dan Satterfield

This is not exactly what I have in mind, but it might appeal to those who keep emailing me about chem-trails.

Russell Lewis at National Public Radio had an interesting report about wearing helmets during tornado warnings a few days ago and it caught my eye, because I’ve been telling viewers to do just that since the early 1990’s. Not only, that but I’ve also pushed the idea of making sure everyone has shoes on and a safe place to run to if the winds start to pick up. Frankly, I’m glad to see the idea is spreading!

The NPR story  is here, and they do make note of the fact that there has been little research to study whether or not wearing a helmet actually does save people from injury. However, this is one of those obvious issues where one does not need to wait. So, put on that bike, baseball, football, cricket, or whatever helmet you happen to have!

While I’m on the subject, some more free advice from someone who has lived through and tracked/nowcasted way too many twisters:

1. Skip the in ground shelter and get a safe room. Most people will wait until it is too late to get to an underground shelter, but you can sit in your safe room eating popcorn while watching TV and have a fair degree of safety!

2. Don’t let anyone convince you that a mobile home can be made as safe as a frame or brick building during a tornado. They cannot, and in spite of the fact that mobile homes make up only about 20% of housing in America, 50% of the deaths from tornadoes are in them.

3. Shoes are a smart idea, because after severe storms there are always people who need a trip to the ER to get their foot sewn up after stepping on something sharp!

4. Who cares if your local weather siren did or did not go off. Buy a NOAA weather radio. Sirens are so 1920’s.