28 March 2012

A New NASA Blue Marble from Suomi NPP

Posted by Dan Satterfield


A true color image of the 3rd rock from the sun. The image is from the new environmental NPP Suomi satellite.


The VIIRS ( Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite) sensor on NPP has made a new NASA Blue Marble image. The pic was made in January and shows just how colorful our planet is. The other views are below and I apologize in advance for being North America-centric. Want to see the Earth in full resolution go here, but you had better have a FAST connection. More of the images are available from the NPP Suomi site.

Teachers: Download the full size and get a poster printed; It would look great on the classroom wall. I’m doing the same for my spare bedroom. My wife doesn’t know it yet though 😉