2 March 2012

Biggest Tornado Outbreak Since April 27th Today

Posted by Dan Satterfield


A rare HIGH risk has been issued for much of KY and TN today by the Storm Prediction Center (NOAA).


Much like on April 27th Alabama was hit by tornadoes in a line of thunderstorms well ahead of the main threat. There has been major damage in Limestone and Madison Counties and the track of the (EF 2?) tornado was very similar to the EF 5 track on 27 April. The Supercell index at the SPC is at the highest numbers I have seen since April 27th as well.

This is going to be  bad day and there will be fatalities. If history is any guide, most of the deaths will be in mobile homes. If you know someone in the risk area who is in a mobile home, urge them to go anywhere else until the storms pass later tonight. ANYWHERE ELSE.

The image below is the Doppler velocity data showing intense rotation as the tornadic storm passed through Madison County AL.

The strong rotation is between Hazel Green and Meridianville. Bright blue is wind blowing toward the radar (far right). Red is away.

The supercell composite index is at extreme levels. This index is based on wind shear and instability parameters.


Image from NOAA SPC in Norman, OK. Click for larger image.

More soon.