11 January 2012

Weather and Climate Summit At Breckenridge Colorado

Posted by Dan Satterfield

I’m attending the Glen Gerberg Weather and Climate Summit this week here in Breckenridge,Colorado. The first talk I heard made the entire drive worth while. Dan Leonard (forecaster for WSI) spoke on long range seasonal forecasting, and I’ll put a link to the video of that talk when it becomes available in about a week. You can see the powerpoint here now.

The summit runs through Friday, and you can watch the sessions live online for free.  The powerpoints from the other presentations yesterday and Tuesday are here. For you forecasters, and other weather/science geeks out there, tomorrow mornings sessions are a detailed look at BUFKIT.

The live feed is thanks to Dave Jones at Stormcenter Communications. It was Dave who sent me to Greenland, where I spent two weeks watching scientists like James White pull up the oldest ice core ever recovered from that icecap. Dr. White talks on Friday morning and that is sure to be fantastic.

You can also follow the summit on twitter using hashtag #wxcs2012