7 December 2011

Discovery Channel agrees to air ALL of Frozen Planet

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Me, beside one of the worlds best science communicators, and one of the world's top climate experts. John Cook of Skeptical Science (middle), and Dr. Ben Santer of Lawr. Livermore Nat.Laboratory (member of the Nat Academies of Science).

I received an email, here at the AGU in San Francisco today, that the Discovery Channel will air all 7 parts of Frozen Planet. This will include part 7 on climate change in the Arctic and Antarctic. Apparently, a petition with 80,000 signatures did the trick! (TV channels hate to be embarrassed by their decisions, both local affiliates and cable networks.)

Here at the AGU conference, I met Dr. Richard Alley today and ran into other friends. An amazing 20,000 science geeks in one city! I also finally met John Cook of Skeptical Science, along with several other talented science communicators. (Take my advice, and hang around with people smarter than you. Just keep your mouth shut!)

Dr. Ben Santer was there as well. More soon on his latest paper in Science and from the AGU meeting.