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31 August 2011

Thoughts on Education-How Finland Does It

Guest post by by Dr. John O. Annexstad (Retired  professor and a lover of “the ice” (21 visits to Antarctica). A recent article by Eggers in the Bemidji Pioneer stated that our schools need to abandon the grading system. The reason he gives is that all students are capable of learning, and assigning grades tends to impede the progress of many. In today’s article I will examine this idea from …


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Swamp Fire Chokes The Big Easy

The image above is from the NASA Terra satellite. Click it to see the higher resolution.   The smoke is from a marsh fire near New Orleans and the state doesn’t have enough money to charter planes to drop water on it and  the reason is explained by the graph below. Most of Louisiana has only received about 25% of normal rainfall, in the last 30 days. This is called …


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