11 July 2011

Tom Vandyck Gets It Right

Posted by Dan Satterfield

While I still see some of the “he said/ she said” type journalism on climate science in the U.S. media, I agree with the thrust of Tom Vandyck’s piece that the coverage of climate science is improving, and more accurately describes the overwhelming consensus. There are some notable exceptions, especially in smaller media markets, and of course on Rupert Murdoch’s outlets like Fox News and the Wall Street Journal (Including The Australian which is perhaps the most egregious in publishing laughably incorrect science). Unfortunately, many of their readers/viewers do not realize they are just playing to the preset political opinions of an established audience.

In smaller markets (of both print and TV), the new economy means much of the reporting is being put together by rather inexperienced reporters who are likely burdened with two or more stories to finish by deadline. This means a quick “he said/she said” story is acceptable in the reporter’s mind. As Vandyck makes clear, that is not journalism. It’s being a stenographer and it does a disservice to science, because in science all ideas are not equal.

Click the image to read his well done piece.