13 February 2011

Is BP Lying About Clean Gulf Beaches?

Posted by Dan Satterfield

WEAR TV in Pensacola aired a report on the continued presence of oil on the Gulf beaches last night. The video is below.

Here is a video produced by BP about the Gulf Coast Beaches. They claim in the video that the sand is clean, but this appears to be untrue.

First, the very slickly-produced BP video:

Now a video from a local resident. Tar balls as far as the eye can see. The difference is he can’t afford to put his view on TV. BP can.

A much different story it seems. I posted this video on my Facebook page and many said the media should do a story about it.

They did. It aired Saturday night.

WEAR TV in Pensacola did an excellent report on the situation. It seems that BP wants to take their big clean up machines off the beaches. The county commission is calling foul, and so are the residents.

With the spring break tourists coming in just 4 weeks, it looks like another bad year for the Gulf Coast economy is in the offing. Yes, Mother Nature will eventually clean up the oil herself, but she does it at a rate that is not very convenient to those who depend on clean beaches to make a living. It seems likely that oil will continue to wash up on the beaches for many months, and perhaps even years, to come

More on the science being done is here.