24 November 2010

More Chimneys (See Magma Cum Laude) and a Diamond Dust Pilar

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Magma Cum Laude has a great post with a shot of the “chimneys” in Upstate New York.

Here is mine. This chimney is in Banff Nat. Park, just outside of Banff, Alberta.

Chimneys in Banff, NP Canada. Dan's photo Dec. 2004. Click for higher res.

A few days later I saw this. The photo was taken at 4,000 meters, on top of Telescope Mountain, above Banff.

A "diamond dust lower pillar" Dan's pic near Banff, Canada in 2004.

It was very cold (-25C) and the air was very dry. Tiny ice crystals in the air  cause this. You can find out much more on the excellent Atmospheric Optics page by Les Cowley in the UK.