9 July 2010

June 2010 Ties 2006 for 3rd Warmest on Record

Posted by Dan Satterfield


The NASA GISS global temperature data was released tonight. It appears that June 2010 land and sea temps. were 5.9C above the 1951-1980 average. This means it ties for 3rd warmest. Only 2009 and 1998 were warmer.


The USA temps. were the 8th warmest on the instrument record that dates to 1880.

Land temperatures alone for June 2010 were tied with 1998 for the warmest on record. The Northern Hemisphere land and sea temps. were the warmest ever recorded in June.

You can see the data for yourself on the NASA website here:


The National Climate Data Center runs a separate set of global temp. data with slightly different methods. They will likely release the June global numbers shortly. The Univ of East Anglia in the UK also do a separate set. The numbers may vary slightly but not by much.

Update Saturday 10 July 9pm CDT: Joe Romm has more on this over at Climate Progress. They added the numbers for Jan.- June and the first 6 months of this year are also the warmest on the instrument record.