6 July 2010

On Thin Ice That's Getting Thinner

Posted by Dan Satterfield

I was looking for a post on something other than climate science this time, but the news is too big to pass up.

The NSIDC today posted another update of the melting Arctic sea ice. The June ice coverage was the lowest on record and the melt rate highest recorded. It is looking very possible that a new record low in Arctic ice cover may be on the way for September. If not it will be as the Duke of Wellington said after the Battle of Waterloo : “A darn near rum thing”.

From the Nat. Snow Ice Data Center (NOAA)

That is only part of the story. The thickness of the ice is also steadily dropping. As this graphic courtesy of Climate Central shows.

From US NAVY submarine data. (Climate Central graphic)

All of this could be a giant hoax.  The data being manipulated for evil purposes! You can find plenty of web sites online that will tell you so.

Ask yourself seriously though, do you really believe that? All those people in a giant conspiracy? No one is breaking the secret pact and telling?

I think most people will answer no to that. There will always be a few who say yes though.