31 May 2010

The Oil Approaches

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Model data from the MM5 model we use in the weather office. The arrows are surface wind vectors. The southerly flow will push the oil toward the coast over the next few days.

The oil gets closer. One report has it less than 17 miles off of Dauphin Island Al. The model guidance is all showing a south to SW flow at the surface and this will push the oil in a NE direction. NOAA’s ocean current models are similar.

Forecast of oil at Noon Tuesday. Black line is the uncertainty envelope. Click image for larger version- from NOAA

See the previous post for more on the oil and related info. Samantha Joy is a scientist with the Univ. of Georgia who is on the scene collecting data. She has an exc. blog with information on what is being seen beneath the surface.