25 May 2010

Satellite Pass Monday Gets Great View of Oil Spill- HUGE

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Image from NASA Aqua satellite. Oil spill is huge. Click for full size 500m resolution.

The oil is as far west as Destin, Florida now but still off shore except in Louisiana. There is some good news. The winds in the gulf will be northerly for a few days and that should keep the oil from Alabama and Mississippi. For now.

From Adam Nieman. Click the image to see his blog with more images like this.

Keep in mind you are just seeing the thickest oil. It’s actually covering an even larger area than is visible from orbit. The astronauts on the ISS have also reported it being clearly visible.

Adam Nieman writes the POSTEROUS blog and specialises in images that make big numbers easier to understand. He has done a few on the oil spill.

One other thing to remember about this oil spill.

Most fo the oil is beneath the surface and not visible. It’s no longer a possibility that an environmental catastrophe will happen. It’s happening.

A little fact to think about. If every drop of oil was extracted from the Gulf, the oil would be burned in America in ten years. At some point we are going to have to wake up and think about the future…

Maybe this will be the silver lining in this catastrophe.

I’m not optimistic though.

Art Robinson is running for congress in Oregon. He  says the ocean life is starved for oil and we need to dump more into the oceans. He also thinks climate change is a hoax. Why does that not surprise me. (He won the primary).