15 May 2010

A Fascinating Day in Miami

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Biscayne Bay in Miami from my room

I’m in Miami for a seminar on climate change.  It was put on by the Yale Forum on Climate and Media with funding from the Mccormick Foundation. I was the last presenter and I now have 24 hours to relax and enjoy Miami.

The seminar was fantastic and every one of these (my third) I do brings new and really fascinating information. I have enough for several posts here over the next few weeks. How real science is done is something the public has only a vague idea of, but it’s truly interesting.

Unfortunately, anyone looking online for climate change information is bombarded by political sites dressed up like science. The REAL thing is so vastly different.

The CBS Evening News interviewed me last week about the seminar and they were here today shooting video. The story will be on tonight at 6:30 PM ET I’m told.

More soon,