21 April 2010

The Baghdad 7 Day

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Earlier this week I received an email from local Huntsville Police officer Michael Nelson.
Here it is:
Good morning
I am Michael Nelson, I am a Police Officer with the City of Huntsville, and have been deployed to Iraq with the National Guard. One of my jobs here in Iraq is to report to my commander with the weather here from the Staff Weather Office. Unfortunately, their forecasts here don’t work out to well. Most of my unit is from Huntsville, and I thought it would be a treat if you could do a weather forecast on video for the Baghdad area and send it over on email. I’m not asking for a lot of forecasts, just one to break up to the monotony here in Iraq. Let me know if this is possible. I appreciate it. Have a great one!

Michael Nelson

So with quite a bit of added work to the daily routine and and my assistant and I starting an hour ahead of schedule, we managed to help! A lot less model data and satellite imagery available for Iraq, but I think this forecast will be decent.

[QUICKTIME http://www.wildwildweather.com/movie/6pmIraq.m4v 640 360]