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30 March 2010

Holy Cow! Is Mimas a Pac-Man Death Star??

The image on the right is a temperature map of Saturn’s moon MIMAS. The big crater in it is called the Herschel Crater. The image below explains more: So what is causing this?? THEY DON’T KNOW… Yet!


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Is Brian Cox The Next Carl Sagan?? My Vote is YES.

Dr. Brian Cox. Rock band musician and physicist. No, really. He played in the rock band DARE with Thin Lizzy’s Darren Wharton. If you’re in the UK and have not seen Wonders of The Solar System on BBC Two, then fire up the iPlayer and watch it. All four episodes that have aired are just superb. They are the only TV productions I’ve seen about astronomy that equals or surpasses …


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