27 March 2010

Science On The Ice- Part One

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Image of me on sea ice near Cape Royds Antarctica by Chaz Firestone- Thanks Chaz!

One of the main reasons the NSF took Ann Posegate and I to the bottom of the world was to foster student interest in science. This was fine with me because it is one of the main reasons I write this journal and the Wild Wild Weather Page.

I’ve just finished putting together a 5 minute slideshow with embedded video about my January trip to Antarctica and the South Pole. I edited it using iMovie  on my Mac and added in some of the TV version along with some pics and more audio.  This is part one of 4. I used some of the first TV special we did along with some extra pics. The video is also on the Wild Wild Weather Page which is aimed at the younger crowd from age 9-14.

Hopefully it gives a good idea of what it was like to travel down to the ice. Ann is working on a similar presentation and I am working on part two now!

Teachers can get the file here. Classroom use only please, email me for any other use.