22 March 2010

NASA & NOAA- Despite what you heard, it's still getting warmer.

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Global Temperatures since 1880. Click image to read the Paper by Hansen,Lo,Sato,Ruedy.

I spent the weekend reading a new paper that is about to be published by 4 of NASA’s top climate researchers. If you follow climate research closely, then it is no surprise.

The planet continues to warm and no, it has not stopped.   Hansen et.al point out that this recent warming occurs at a time when the sun has been very quiet and in a phase that should be causing us to cool some. The Daily Climate has a great summary of the paper for those that do not want to read all 34 pages. I’m constantly amazed at how different the real science is from what I see on cable news channels and online.

Click image to visit the new NOAA site on Arctic sea ice.

I also want to give equal time to another of  America’s respected science institutions, NOAA.

They have placed online a great site on the changes in Arctic sea ice. A tip of the cricket bat to Andy Revkin at the NYT who spotted it.

It’s a great place to get real science on the trends in Arctic sea ice.