7 March 2010

Some Excellent Science Journalism From "Living on Earth" -Updated

Posted by Dan Satterfield

I heard a familiar voice while driving down to the grocery tonight. It was Bud Ward of the Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media.

The program was Living on Earth. It is underwritten by the NSF and is carried on many public radio stations across America. It may come as a surprise to many people that the IPCC has likely UNDERESTIMATED the impacts of climate change. Especially of you get your news from front page newspaper stories and some cable news networks.

If you ask most of those who work in the field, they will tell you just that. Science journalism is certainly in a sad state in America. Listen to a really bright spot.

Click the image below to hear the story from Living on Earth.

Click to hear some very good science reporting.

Since this is related I am going to update this post instead if making a new one. NASA has an excellent video out on climate change. Some very nice imagery as well.