17 February 2010

Thomas Friedman's Worth A Read and a Short Note

Posted by Dan Satterfield

I’ve had no posts the last few days because my sister and I buried our mother yesterday.  I am certain you will understand.

It will be a few days before I get back up to speed.

There’s a very good piece in today’s NYT on the climate science issue. It’s well worth a read. So instead of my writing you get to read a true professional at it.

Click the image to read it. By the way, I think he makes very good sense. The major science bodies doing climate research need to produce something for the public. It would do a lot to dispel the myths out there about the science.


Update: Dr. Kerry Emanuel (Atmospheric Science MIT) has an exc. piece in the Boston Globe today. It illustrates the silliness lately by those who actually believe all the world’s scientific bodies are perpetuating a global hoax on climate change. What is scarier is some of the ignorance I’ve read in major newspapers. The Daily Mail is no surprise, everyone knows they are trash, but some usually reputable papers have fallen for it as well. Emanuel gets to the truth of the matter. (Isn’t that something the journalists are supposed to do?)

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