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8 December 2009

Last 10 Years Hottest Decade On Record- UK Met. Office

The UK Met. Office released data today showing that 2000-2009 was the warmest decade since instrumental records began in the 1850’s. The data also highlights the silliness of those claiming that stolen emails show a cover-up. The data was run with Climate Research Unit (CRU) data and with data from NASA and NOAA. There was very little difference. If anyone tells you the planet is not warming, or the warming …


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It's not easy going to the South Pole- but it's going to be worth It!

As you may know if you read these ramblings frequently, I am headed to the bottom of the world in three weeks. The National Science Foundation accepted an application from myself and Ann Posegate of the Nat. Env. Education Foundation to visit Antarctica to spread the word about the science and the scientists at the bottom of the world. So once you get selected what happens next? You don’t just …


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