25 November 2009

150 Years Ago Today- The Book That Changed Science

Posted by Dan Satterfield


Darwin Exhibition last Fall in London- Dan's picture

It was an idea that did nothing less than revolutionise Science. It all started 150 ears ago today when Charles Darwin published the famous book “On The Origin of The Species”. It’s always amazed me how few people have read it. I suspect that very few of those who still criticise it have. Almost everyone who has read it, thinks it’s genius and wonders why no one thought of it before!

Yes, it’s incompatible with a literal reading of the fundamental writings of Islam and Christianity, but only a literal reading. I know many people with deeply held religious beliefs who accept Darwin’s Big idea as the work of genius. If a supreme being with unlimited power wanted to make an earth with millions of species, then Darwin figured out how he did it!

No matter what you think, Natural Selection published by Darwin 150 years ago today has become the foundation for modern biology and life science. It’s so simple it has to be right. If you have never read it, pick it up. It’s not a long read, and it’s nothing to be afraid of.

Here’s to you Charley!