24 October 2009

You Made an Okie Smile!

Posted by Dan Satterfield


Now, to Whom do I pass this on to...

Being from Oklahoma, it is especially gratifying to find out this Saturday night that I’ve been given the Woody Guthrie Award for a Thinking Blogger.

The award was passed to me by Mike at Greenfyre’s, and that makes it all the more pleasing since it is one of the best blogs on Science out there. I have never considered myself in the same league, but it sure was nice of him to say nice things and pass the award to me.

Woody Guthrie was born in Okemah, Oklahoma. A singer, and song writer who is probably best known for the song This Land Is Your Land.

He travelled with the “Grapes of Wrath” crowd to California during the dust bowl days. The dust bowl is relegated to the history books now, but not for me. My grandmother is still living, and she remembers it well.

Woody Guthrie is one of Oklahoma's most famous sons.

Woody Guthrie is one of Oklahoma's most famous sons.

I can still hear her talking about covering the windows of the house with wet sheets to keep out the dust. They would be dripping with mud in an hour she tells me. During the awful heat of the 1930’s they moved their beds outside and slept in the back yard.

I suspect that my grandmother understands better than most climate researchers, the real life of a sudden climate change. Even if it was only temporary. There is growing evidence that the dust bowl was partially human induced as well.

You would likely be surprised how many Okies had relatives in California, when I was young in the 1960’s!

The award has to be passed on, and I am pretty sure I already know who I’ll pass it on to. Let me enjoy the ownership for a few days though!