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8 August 2009

Science You Learned, That Just Isn't True!

Many times it’s easier to oversimplify a scientific concept than to take the time to figure out how to explain it correctly in a more simple way. This has led to a lot of people believing things that just aren’t true. In some cases, it’s because the misconception used to be thought correct, but we now know better. So here is a post about some scientific concepts that you might …


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6 August 2009

Two Great Videos on Climate Change (Make that three.)

I have updated the Wild Wild Climate Page with three excellent videos on Climate change. They were produced by a retired science journalist with a background in Geology. They are frankly among the best I have seen. I spend two years writing this and he covers it better in 20 minutes. Well, I am from Oklahoma, and you can tell where he is from by watching the videos. A fabulous …


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5 August 2009

Climate Change in Your Backyard

I’m involved on a conference call tomorrow with NOAA. It’s about the U.S. Global Change Report released earlier in the Summer. The call is to brief meteorologists in TV, and other weathercasters, about the contents of the report and to allow for questions about it. Tom Karl, the head of the National Climate Data Center (and President of the AMS) will lead the call. Also on the call,  is Michael …


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2 August 2009

August 2009- Science Fights Back

Many would argue that the science community began to fight back three or four years ago, but I think this Summer and perhaps August in general is when it finally reached critical mass. I’m not just referring to attacks on certain scientists like James Hanson, or even the attempts by government officials to impede scientific research, and the dissemination of the results to the wider public, it goes much deeper …


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