9 August 2009

Why Didn't Someone Think of This!

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Here we have done all this science, and spent all this money to find out why the planet is getting warmer. Just this weekend, the USGS has published information about the rapidly melting glaciers in Alaska, and the Cascades. The images below are from the USGS report.

Picture 3

For those who like looking at the data, the image below is a summary of three glaciers. Two in Alaska and one in Washington.

Mass balance of three glaciers. Courtesy USGS.

Mass balance of three glaciers. Courtesy USGS.

Oh, but wait! We now know what is causing it! It’s not Carbon Dioxide, and it’s not deforestation.


Don’t believe me? It’s right here in the Arkansas Gazette!

Picture 1

At first I thought it was a joke, then I realized it wasn’t. Thanks to my friend Paul Lees-Haley for finding this. He is an expert in Psychology. They need you, Paul. They need you.

UPDATE: I am told reliably by several sources, that the letter was indeed written as a joke by a local attorney in Hot Springs! Hard to tell since much of the junk science online is not much better, and in many cases more ridiculous.