1 July 2009

Oregon Institute of Science and Doctor Strangelove

Posted by Dan Satterfield

The myth that thousands of Scientist have signed a petition calling climate change a hoax is making the rounds again. It’s really just a repeat of the so called Oregon Petition that claimed the same thing.

Let’s put it this way, would you go to a Vet. for a root canal?

Time after time, when bright people in other scientific disciplines spend the time to get their questions answered and investigate their preconceptions, they realize they were wrong. I know I was. I was skeptical of of the early IPCC reports, but I started reading up on the Science. This happening now with a lot of Meteorologists who have been dismissive of climate science. This is understandable. Synoptic forecasting is very different from climate science. The Physics is the same, but the problems are totally different!

Last fall my news director and I put together a piece on the Oregon petition, to show how silly it’s origins are. This was a PR stunt, not a group of scientists calling attention to bad science. David Archer said it best : The Target Audience of denialism, is the lay audience, not scientists. It’s made to look like science, but it’s PR. (Thanks to Jules and his KLIMAATBLOG for that quote!)

Take a look at my version of the Oregon petition:

UPDATE 2015: Art Robinson has a new job now. Chairman of the Republican Party of Oregon.