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6 May 2009

Reporting Severe Weather- Do's and Dont's

This has certainly turned into a Spring to remember here in the Southeast corner of North America. North Alabama in particular has been hit by storm after storm, with over 11 inches of rain falling in parts of the Huntsville area since May first. I am writing this on the 6th! Small tornadoes like EF0 and EF1 (EF means Enhanced Fujita Scale) are very difficult to see on radar, so …


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4 May 2009

A Profound Quote From Carl Sagan

When Carl Sagan passed in 1996 the world of Science lost it’s greatest champion. I’ve been reading Richard Dawkin’s The Oxford Book Of Modern Science Writing. He included a snippet from Carl Sagan’s book “The Demon-Haunted World“. Sagan writes some profound thoughts, and I quote from it below. You should get and read both books. From “The Demon-Haunted World” by Carl Sagan: We’ve arranged a global civilization in which most crucial …


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3 May 2009

The Photo That Changed the World

What were you doing on Christmas Eve 1968? If you are younger than 40 you weren’t even alive, but I hit 50 next month, and I remember it well, and not just because I was 9 years old at the time, and Christmas morning was a few hours away. Apollo 8 was circling the Moon, and I was (and still am) a Space nut. Human beings on that Christmas Eve …


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