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8 March 2009

The Real Tasmanian Devil

I have yet to write about Ocean Acidification in this journal. It’s kind of the “forgotten Great Uncle” of Climate Change. Well, it used to be. It’s getting a lot more attention, from the mainstream media, (I use that term loosely, and I am a part of it!) and Scientists themselves. A major new study published today, will likely get some major news coverage. So, what is ocean acidification?? Ocean acidification is the change of the ocean …


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6 March 2009

Is Your Local TV Weatherperson a Meteorologist? Do They Understand Climate Science?

As someone who does a TV weathercast each day,  I’m keenly aware, that I’m the only person with a Science background that most people see, on a daily basis. This is true of just about everyone who does weather on TV. This begs the question that is the title of this post. Is your local weather person a Meteorologist? It depends, I guess, on what your definition of a Meteorologist …


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4 March 2009

Where U.S. Students Stand in Science

Later this year, thousands of students around the world will take the PISA test. The Program for International Student Assessment test measures Math, and Science skills. Let’s hope the results of American students are an improvement over the last test in 2006. I have mentioned before in this space, just how serious the situation is. Take a look at the results from the 2006 test. The table is from Wikipedia. …


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2 March 2009

A Warm January- Too late to Save Arctic Ice?

Two interesting Climate tidbits to leave for you today. The first,  is a presentation by NASA top Climate Scientist James Hansen. He spoke at the December meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco. This meeting of thousands of Earth science researchers, is one of the biggest, and best science conferences there is. Hansen gave a talk in which he says that he thinks we have already passed a …


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