4 March 2009

Where U.S. Students Stand in Science

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Later this year, thousands of students around the world will take the PISA test. The Program for International Student Assessment test measures Math, and Science skills.

Let’s hope the results of American students are an improvement over the last test in 2006. I have mentioned before in this space, just how serious the situation is.

Take a look at the results from the 2006 test.

The table is from Wikipedia. You will notice that the USA is not listed.

My Wife and I, were in a large hot tub at a Canadian ski resort 3 years ago.  Some students got in, and we talked with them for a good half hour.  We both remarked afterward, that the vocabulary, used by these Canadian high school students, was the equivalent of American students, who have at least two or three years of college behind them.

Notice where Canada ranks.

Maybe we need to find out what Canada is doing right.

Update on Arctic Ice tomorrow…