11 January 2009

NCAR Climate Videos

Posted by Dan Satterfield

The scientists who work at the National centers For Atmospheric Research (NOAA) have produced some excellent short movies about Climate Change. They are designed to answer some of the common questions that many people have. These are basic primers and teachers may find them of great use. Especially middle school and up. Not really suitable for elementary age.


There continues to be almost no info on climate change for the young elementary age students. I am working on a keynote presentation (power point for Mac for all you unbelievers in the PC world). It’s not easy though!

There is a ton of more advanced material on their site and you may find it worth your time exploring it.

This post is actually a substitute for a diatribe on the condition of roads in Oklahoma, that I really want to write about. I grew up in Tulsa, and we always knew we had the worst roads in the nation. So how is it possible for them to actually get worse. I will say nothing about the hideous architectural monstrosity called the BOK center. The entire London city planners of the 1970’s couldn’t beat that.

It’s good to be back home in Alabama. In spite of the fact that when I walk out into my yard I sink to my ankles in mud. 17 inches of rain in the last 37 days.

This is getting ridiculous!

It’s time for some unimportant posts (Well relatively)..so my next two posts will be an ode to the wisdom of one Stephen Fry. The other will be a tongue lashing to the Brits who do not realize what a rare GEM they have in the BBC.

BBC= NPR with some money.