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30 November 2008

A Lesson from Upton Sinclair

Do you remember where you have heard that name before? It as been years since I read it, but the Jungle by Upton Sinclair is still part of required reading in many literature courses. There is a line in the book that has stuck with me. I may not get it word for word, but it goes like this: “It’s very hard to convince someone of anything, if their job …


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24 November 2008

Some Handy Info on Climate Change

The folks at Earth Gauge have published a nice FAQ on Climate Change. It was done by Bud Ward the editor of the Yale Forum on Climate and Media, and Bobby Henson, of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). (Bobby grew up in Oklahoma City across the street from my wife!). Bob Henson’s book, THE ROUGH GUIDE TO CLIMATE CHANGE is an excellent primer on the science. I write …


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22 November 2008

Getting Married? Some advice!

This post is not really about Science per say. It is something that you might say is from experience. I am an amateur photographer. I have some shots that I really proud of. Some were by accident and some I planned that way! (I will never tell which were which!) I get asked every now and then, if I could shoot pictures of a wedding.I immediately decline, and urge them …


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14 November 2008

What the Mail Brought Today

I had two interesting letters in my mail today. One in the snail mail (Yea it is still around, much to my surprise!). The other in my email. The email brought news of an embargoes story that I can now tell you about. Astronomers have taken the first real pictures of planets orbiting another star! This news is already online at the BBC and even the normally science deficient main stream USA …


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8 November 2008

Preserving History

One of the most historic documents you can see is the Magna Carta. There are actually a few copies of it dating from 1215 AD. You can see one of thise copies at Salisbury Cathedral in England. The Cathedral itself is one of the great architecture masterpieces of the Medieval world. Truly a fabulous place to visit. Listening to the Evensong in the great nave brings back thoughts of those …


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