26 July 2008

Doctor Karl Down in Oz

Posted by Dan Satterfield

If you’re reading this blog from North Alabama or Tennessee then you have likely never heard of of Dr. Karl.

He is a household name in Austrailia though, and well known to listeners of the BBC as well.

Karl Kruszelnici is one of the smartest people you will ever likely come across. A Phycisist, Medical Doctor, Biologist, and TV Personality all rolled into one. I listen each week as he answers questions about science on BBC Radio 5 Live. I always learn something new.

Dr. Karl makes Science fun & interesting! (Something I try to do every day on TV here in Huntsville-with limited success, I think!)

You can check out his very popular website here at ABC Austrailia.

Doctor Karl is on Thursday morning at 3am London time. That is 9pm Wednesday night in the U.S. Central Time Zone. You can listen live to Radio 5 on the BBC.

Do what I do though, download the podcast of the Up All Night program on BBC Radio 5. I hear it is one of the most popular podcasts online! Click the small image below to get the podcast. (I hope the BBC legal folks don’t mind my grabbing the pic)