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March 16, 2017

Deep challenges: China’s ‘war on water pollution’ must tackle deep groundwater pollution pathways

As part of its recent ‘war on pollution’, the Chinese Central Government released a major policy on water pollution control and clean-up, called the ‘10-point water plan’ in 2015. The plan aims to deal once and for all with China’s chronic water quality problems.


February 9, 2016

It’s out of the park! Comparing some of the water threats in America…

This is cool! a video is from Owen Miles’ watermurica blog


June 3, 2014

One in four of world’s big cities water-stressed

From the McGill Newsroom As more people move to urban areas, cities around the world are experiencing increased water stress and looking for additional water supplies to support their continued grow. The first global database of urban water sources and stress, published online this week in Global Environmental Change, estimates that cities move 504 billion litres of water a distance of 27,000 kilometers every day. Laid end to end, all …