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June 14, 2019

Monitoring a mystery bird in Yakutat

Arctic terns and Aleutian terns gather together on ocean spits to scratch out nest cups. Each is a graceful creature that distinguishes itself from a gull by the incessant slicing of its sharp wings through the air.


January 14, 2019

Costa Rican Deep Sea Connections: Up Against

Haz click aquí para blog en español By Mónika Naranjo González Back in 1869, John Wesley Hyatt probably knew he had stumbled upon something promising, but it is unlikely he knew just how revolutionary his concoction of cellulose, cotton fiber and camphor would be. After a New York firm offered $10,000 for anyone who could provide a substitute for ivory, Hyatt discovered a plastic that could be crafted into a variety …


November 30, 2018

Fairbanks air earns unwanted ranking

Fairbanks’s air quality issues began in 1901, when shallow water grounded a Gold Rush entrepreneur.