June 28, 2018

Boreal owls perform by daylight

Just beneath the owl box, hung 20 feet up the stem of a balsam poplar, the backyard barbeque continued late into the evening. Despite the thwap of badminton birdies and the chirp of human voices, the boreal owl had work to do.


June 22, 2018

Warming in the north continues as predicted

Just outside my window here at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, workers are drilling into the asphalt of a parking lot using a truck-mounted rig. They twist a hollow bit 25 feet into the ground and pull up hard, clear evidence of why the blacktop is sinking.


June 19, 2018

Exploring Fronts with Multiple Robots: Wrapping Up Video

Check out the impressive accomplishments – and learn why they matter well  beyond the field of robotics – from the #OceanRobotsTeam in our expedition wrap up video.


June 18, 2018

Exploring Fronts with Multiple Robots: Quiet Sense of Accomplishment

In our transit back to San Diego there is a quiet sense of accomplishment, not only from the wonderful achievements of this cruise, but also because in doing so we contributed foundational work for future ocean studies.


Pink salmon — too much of a good thing?

Pinks are different from kings, chums and other salmon species. Their life is just two years long, from the time they are eggs until they die after spawning.


Exploring Fronts with Multiple Robots: In The Extreme

Each day, I collect qualitative data on, for example, the ways that people and robots communicate, how different kinds of decisions are made, the social habits and technologies particular to this environment, and workgroups.


June 14, 2018

Exploring Fronts with Multiple Robots: Blueprints

Walk into the Wet Lab aboard R/V Falkor and you will find us, the biological team, juggling liter bottles, vials, tubes, and jars—all containing ocean water from our current location.


June 13, 2018

Exploring Fronts with Multiple Robots: Ripples

The science control room on R/V Falkor is the center of action, where you will find 18 individual computer screens (ranging in size and setup) displaying everything the ship is doing.


Exploring Fronts with Multiple Robots: To the Edge

Trent Lukaczyk walks to the starboard side of the storage deck and sticks his right hand over the railing. Like rolling down a window in a moving car, a sudden gush of wind prickles his fingers.


June 7, 2018

Running circles around the land of no night

All of a sudden, we are again the land of no night. Summer happens every year, but it is always a surprise. Maybe because winter is the normal state of middle Alaska, with a white ground surface possible from late September until late April.