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19 July 2011

Throwing in with the Pickens Plan

The family’s out with the van shopping or something, so, I’ve got the place to myself. I downloaded an archived broadcast (April 2011) of C-Span’s coverage of a National Press Club lunch meeting. Obviously, I lead an exciting life. The guest speakers were Ted Turner and T. Boone Pickens, talking about energy. Pickens makes a good sales pitch and I’m about ready to “throw in” with his energy security plan …


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5 June 2011

Introducing Paul Gipe

Paul Gipe is an author, international consultant, frequent presenter, and expert on renewable energy and feed-in-tariffs. To keep up on recent developments in wind power and other renewable energy technologies and policies, I recommend, by Paul Gipe. I met Paul a couple of years ago at a seminar in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he presented a very feasible strategy for meeting all our electrical generating needs using renewables, particularly …


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1 March 2010

Wisconsin Bill Favors Local Renewable Energy

Wisconsin bill would promote small-scale distributed renewable power generation. While the deeply-divided Congress looks incapable of passing any serious legislation, states are moving ahead with renewable energy initiatives, particularly states that don’t mine coal or drill much oil and gas. Wisconsin’s Clean Energy Jobs Act (AB 649/SB 450) was introduced January 7, 2010. It proposes major energy reforms recommended by Governor Doyle’s Global Warming Task Force. The bill isn’t just …


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