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1 May 2011

Iceberg Drag Marks on the Bottom of Glacial Lake Agassiz

The linear streaks shown on the aerial photograph to the right are believed to have been gouged by icebergs dragging on the bottom of wind swept Glacial Lake Agassiz. The streaks (Lat. 48 50′ 45″ N; Lon. 97 16′ 30″ W) are up to several miles long, hundreds of feet wide and several feet deep. Glacial Lake Agassiz, named after the 19th Century naturalist Louis Agassiz, was the largest of …


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14 March 2010

More Sandbags: Fargo-Moorhead Braces for Major Flood

For the second year in a row, soils, geomorphology, and snowpack set up a major flood risk. The Red River of the North has “issues” that tend to make life “interesting” for those who live near it and depend on it. The Red is a fairly small river in a large watershed. The Red River Valley is not really a river valley at all, but a broad, flat lake bottom …


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