Iris van Zelst is a postdoctoral fellow in the Institute of Planetary Research at the German Aerospace Center where she researches the evolution of Venus. After receiving her PhD in seismology and geodynamics from ETH Zürich in 2020, Iris previously also spent some time at the University of Leeds as a postdoc. To share her enthusiasm for science, Iris has her own youtube channel ( and is very active in the EGU Geodynamics community as the editor-in-chief of the EGU Geodynamics blog and the lead convener of the Geodynamics 101 short courses.

Project Description: Science Sisters is a youtube interview series hosted by Iris. Lighthearted in tone, it explores different career paths, academic life, and soft skills and addresses current issues in academia by engaging with a set of diverse guests (with a focus on – but not limited to – women in science). For a taster of the first season, you can watch the trailer here: