Gina Misra is a molecular biologist who became a science writer in 2016 when assuming the role of editor-in-chief of She has been passionate all of her adult life about communicating science to overlooked audiences.

Project Description: For the last two years, Sciworthy’s Professor Partnership Program has worked with upper level college science courses to help professors incorporate science communication and public writing into their curriculum. As a class assignment, students are assigned a journal article to read thoroughly and summarize for a non-expert audience. Their professors advise them on content accuracy and our editing team helps each student shape their article into something publishable for our website. We usually charge the school a fee per student for participation to support our editors’ time. The Sharing Science Grant allows us to increase participation among schools that cannot afford our fee, such as small teaching colleges and MSIs that may not have access to large federal grants due to their focus on teaching over research. We are so grateful to AGU for this opportunity.