In her day job, Erica is the Director of the St. Petersburg College STEM Center at Bay Pines, engaging students in contextualized curriculum and in her free time she runs PVC ROV, a small business geared toward building and teaching others about underwater robots. She also serves as the Director of the Center for Open Exploration (C4OE) her non-profit providing connections to grant opportunities for citizen science projects and she was just recently honored for this work by NAUI Worldwide for Environmental Enrichment.

Project Description: My life passion is helping others understand science, especially through my technical contributions to the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) kits used in student competitions and simple ocean exploration. I jump at every opportunity to teach people how to work in the underwater world, so when offered the opportunity to join the Saba Speak & Learn series, I immediately said yes! This project, with the support of AGU funds will allow me to not only deliver ROV curriculum during my time on Saba, but I will also be able to donate all of the kits to the primary and secondary schools on the island.