8 June 2020

All the ways you can share your science online via Sharing Science

Posted by Shane Hanlon

By Shane M Hanlon

In-person communication is not happening right now. There’s no other/nicer/softer way to put it. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t communicate your science. We in Sharing Science and AGU more broadly have slew of ways you can scicomm via different mediums and with a whole range of time investment. So, ranked from least amount of time to the most, here is our comprehensive list of science-communication opportunities. We hope you do one (or all of them)!

  • Sharing Science Community Spotlight: Are you part of the Sharing Science Community? If not, what’re you wait for? If so, then nominate yourself (or a peer) to be featured in our Spotlight! Each month* we’ll feature a new sciommer on our online community site, newsletter, and social media. 
  • Send us a Postcard from the Field: Well, maybe not the field, but tell us about your research/communication/outreach and add in picture for our Tumblr
  • Write a guest post for our blog: You’re already here, reading this post. Consider writing one of your own.
  • #AGURocks & #DrawnToGeoscience: Are you a visual artist or musician who draws/writes songs about science? Share your work w/ us and tell us about your creative process. More details here.
  • Take over our Twitter account: Want a whole day to talk about your science and scicomm? On #SharingSciFri, we hand over our Twitter account to folks who want to share their science! Sign up.
  • Take over the AGU Instagram account: Do you have images from field experiences? Have something interesting lab work? Take over our Instagram account for a few days! Email [email protected] to sign up. 

Shane M Hanlon is Program Manager of AGU’s Sharing Science Program. Find him on Twitter and TikTok.

*Monthly for now. But the more folks who sign up, the more often we can share!