15 November 2019

Introducing “Sci & Tell” – a…well…not really a podcast…

Posted by Shane Hanlon

Me telling a story at Fall Meeting.

Shane M Hanlon 

AGU’s 2017 Fall Meeting, we partnered for Story Corps as part of AGU’s Centennial to record audio stories from scientists in the Story Corps model. From that seed, we kept the program going as the Narratives Project

The AGU Centennial is an opportunity to reflect on our past and welcome all the possibilities that the next century will bring. To capture where we’ve been and where we’re going, we’re launching the AGU Narratives project.

Using historians, professional story gatherers, crowdsourcing and public story sharing opportunities, AGU Narratives will feature a variety of stories to help connect the Earth and space science community, amplify our voice, and inspire those around us.

The Narratives are available, uncut and unedited, in an archive. Anyone can listen and anyone can upload their own story. But not everyone wants to listen to, sometimes, hours of content. I get that. I’m a classic millennial in that I want my entertainment in short, attractive bites. So, I decided to launch a new audio initiative entitled Sci & Tell

Sci & Tell (I give my partner credit for the name) is a way to take long-form unedited Narratives and turn them into a short, produced product. I’m super excited to be the host and producer of the initiative.

This isn’t a separate podcast, at least not yet.* Sci & Tell is being released as a special, monthly series mixed between episodes of our podcast Third Pod from the Sun. These are short stories about careers, adversity, successes, failures, and overall, being human.

The first two episodes are out and feature Chief Scientist Jim Green and Voices for Science Advocate Rafael Loureiro.

You can find Sci & Tell here, and if you’re subscribed to Third Pod from the Sun on your mobile device (and if you’re not, you realaly should be), you’ll find a new episode each month.

Take a listen. I really hope you like it!

Shane M Hanlon is Program Manager of AGU’s Sharing Science Program and the Executive Producer of Sci & Tell. Find him @EcologyOfShane