12 February 2018

Third Pod from the Sun is back!

Posted by Shane Hanlon

By Shane M Hanlon

Last December, we launched Third Pod from the Sun, a podcast about the scientists and the methods behind the science. Our first episode explored how a scientist and artist in Syracuse, New York, came together to pour lava in a university parking lot.

Our next episode is out now! Read the blurb below and check it out here (or through Apple, Google Play, or Stitcher):

In southeast Alaska, a team of scientists faced boat-blocking icebergs, calving-induced tidal waves, and cold, dreary days. All in the name of science. Using a hogde-podge of instruments ranging from radar to drone boats named Rosie and Casey, these scientists set out to brave the seas to understand a glacier.

In this episode, listen to oceanographer David Sutherland describe his experiences at Le Conte glacier, the southernmost tidewater glacier in the northern hemisphere. Sutherland and his team are trying to figure out what processes underwater effect how fast the glacier melts—their research in Alaska will help scientists studying glaciers from around the world.

Read more about David’s research on Eos.org.

-Shane M Hanlon is a Senior Specialist in AGU’s Sharing Science program.