5 September 2017

What’s your dream science class?

Posted by Shane Hanlon

By Shane M Hanlon

Years ago I was sitting in my graduate adviser’s office chatting about teaching. He’s an excellent teacher who always took pride in his skills and encouraged his students (myself included) to seek out opportunities to cultivate the skill (e.g. I co-taught an optional class that I loved while still teaching the class required for the TA position). At some point the conversation drifted into the category of classes that we always wanted to take or teach. He mentioned that he always wanted to teach a class on dinosaurs, and being the good herpetologist I was (am), I offered, “so….a class on prehistoric herpetology?!”

As students and teachers return to the classroom, we here at AGU have been thinking about ways to engage folks during this time of transition. We thought, what a better way to do that than ask folks what their dream class to take/teach would be! You my have already seen the hashtag but if not (and even if you have), let us know what your ideal class to take/teach would be using the #scidreamclass hashtag! And check out some of the classes already on there – the list almost makes me want to go back to school!

-Shane M Hanlon is a Senior Specialist in AGU’s Sharing Science Program