22 January 2016

Sketch Your Science on Tumblr!

Posted by Shane Hanlon

By Shane M. Hanlon

If you attended Fall Meeting this year or followed AGU on social media, you may have noticed some hand-drawn depictions of scientists’ research. We asked scientists at the meeting to draw their research through our #sketchyourscience campaign.


We created a Storify to recap the event and even brought some sketches back to the office:

We were so overwhelmed by the positive response that we decided to keep #sketchyourscience going – through Tumblr! Similar to our Postcards from the Field program, we’re asking you, our members, to submit sketches of your science to our Tumblr account.



Here’s how it works: every month is going to have a rough theme to it; however, we welcome all sketches and will plug them in when we can. In honor of the Ocean Sciences Meeting, jointly hosted by AGU, ASLO, and TOS, our first theme for February will be “Oceans and rivers and lakes, oh my!” (intentionally corny).

If your research has anything to do with these, or any other types of water bodies (e.g. eddies, ephemeral ponds, streams, etc.), then share it with us via sketch. You can draw it and take a picture/scan it in, draw it on your tablet or notebook, or even use Clipart if you’re not keen on showing off your artistic skills (Note: artistic skills not required). Make sure it’s saved in common photo format (e.g. .png, .jpeg), then submit it, along with a short description or title, to our Tumblr site, and tag it as “sketch your science”:


There are many ways to share your science.Why not have some fun while you’re doing it? Submit your sketches now!

-Shane M Hanlon is an AGU Sharing Science Specialist