24 January 2011

*UPDATED* What science question would you like AGU to ask Obama?

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AGU is considering submitting a video question to President Obama for a special YouTube interview at the White House on Thursday (a follow-up of the State of the Union speech tomorrow).

We might or might not pull this off. But to help us come up with a really good question, we would like quick suggestions from our members.

Is there a science-related question you’d like AGU to ask Obama? If so, please leave your questions in the Comments section below. If we end up picking yours and submitting it, you’ll be mentioned on this blog (that is, if you don’t mind the spotlight — you can choose to remain anonymous too!) and we’ll send you some nifty AGU swag.

(Also, you can submit your own, personal questions directly to Obama here: youtube.com/askobama)

Quick! We need to film and submit our video by Wednesday night. Thanks for your help!

UPDATE: our questions are in! We actually submitted not one, but two video questions: one of climate policy and one on science education. Please vote for them! Go to youtube.com/askobama and click on “video questions”. To find our videos, you will have to make two different searches, one for “greenhouse emissions” and one for “science knowledge” (don’t forget the quotes!)

Many thanks to AGU member Katherine Hayhoe for suggesting the climate question (we did some rewording… but the promised AGU swag is yours!)

— Maria-José Viñas, AGU science writer