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May 19, 2017

Seth Stein: Navigating the Publication Process

Finishing a successful research project feels great. You have neat results and want to share them. However, young scientists often discover that the next stage, publishing the results, can be tougher and take more emotional energy than the research itself. This isn’t surprising. Research involves trying to figure out something about nature that—to paraphrase Einstein—is “subtle but not malicious.” Publishing, however, involves editors and reviewers who have views about how …


February 14, 2017

Teaching Assistantships: An opportunity, not a chore

By Seth Stein, Amir Salaree and Edward Brooks For three hundred years, physicists debated whether light was a wave or a particle, before agreeing that it was both. Perhaps similarly, graduate students have long debated whether working as a teaching assistant was a chore or an opportunity. Certainly, TAing sometimes feels like a chore, especially in introductory/distribution courses, flippantly called “rocks for jocks” or “moons for goons,” where some students …