May 2, 2017

Announcing the Winners of the 2017 Spring Virtual Poster Showcase

Posted by AGU Career Center

Thank you to all of you students and judges for participating in the 2017 Spring Virtual Poster.  The showcase has ended and the results are in.

All nine lead authors will receive a plaque and a complimentary AGU membership for 2018.  As the first place winners of the graduate and undergraduate showcases, Babak Jalalzadeh Fard and Jacob Smith will get to redeem one of our student travel grants next year so that they can attend the 2018 AGU Fall meeting. We will also pay for their meeting registration. Congratulations, Babak and Jacob!!

Graduate Showcase Awardees

  • First place goes to Babak Jalalzadeh Fard, a Ph.D. student from Northeastern University, whose project was titled “Effective Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Public Health Impacts of Heatwaves for Brookline, MA.”
  • Second place goes to Maureen Haley, a master’s student from Miami University, for her work entitled “Constructing Continental Crust: Tracking Petrogenesis in Granitic Batholiths of the Oslo Rift, Norway.”
  • Third place goes to Kevin Clay, a master’s student from North Carolina State University for his project entitled “Temporal Variation in Groundwater and VOC flux through a Sandy Streambed.”

Undergraduate Showcase Awardees

  • First place goes to Jacob Smith, a senior from Clemson University, whose project was titled “The Effect of Atmospheric CO2 on the Chemical Weathering of Silicate Minerals as Measured by Cation Flux in the Vadose Zone.”
  • Second place goes to Jordan Skipwith, a senior from Texas A&M University, for his work entitled “Geophysical Analysis of Anomalous Extrusive Volcanism In South Atlantic Oceanic Crust.”
  • Third place goes to Collin Brandl, a senior from Texas A&M University for his project entitled “Constraining Regional Stress and Deformation around Bonaire and the Bonaire Basin: A Seismic Reflection Study.”

High School Showcase Awardees

  • First place goes to Hannah Kim, a senior from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, whose project was titled “The Effect of Disease Resistance on the Bacterial Community of the Fecal Microbiome of Crassostrea virginica.”
  • Second place goes to Emma Glass, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, for her work entitled “The Effect of Decreased Salinity on the Filtration of Crassostrea virginica.”
  • Third place goes to Christopher DeMott, from Upper Darby High School for his project entitled “The Effect of Lava Flow Velocity on Lava Channel Sinuosity in the Olympus Mons Region.”


2017 Fall Showcase

If you missed out on this time around, there is still time to participate in the Fall Virtual Poster Showcase.  Though we will open the system up for abstract submissions in July, you can start preparing now.

  • Sign up to receive VPS updates that way you’ll know as soon as the next showcase opens.
  • Start thinking about your abstract.  Earlier this year, we provided some tips on writing your abstract.  Your submission could involve research you did this spring or sharing the results from summer field work.  For those participating in REUs, this is a great way to share your experience.
  • Talk to your professors and students about the Virtual Poster Showcase.  The Spring showcase included two classes from different institutions.  VPS can be a great way to take your curriculum beyond the classroom.

Congratulations once again to the winners of the Spring Virtual Poster Showcase!  We hope that you will join us this Fall!

Nathaniel Janick is the Career Services Coordinator at the American Geophysical Union.