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1 November 2013

Friday fold: GSA display sample

At the GSA booth of Kansas State University, they had some nice specimens of rock on display. Here’s an example of a fold that caught my eye: rhyolite (flow banding, I presume) from the Owyhee Mountains: According to the gentleman manning the booth, the sample belongs to Dr. Matt Brueske. Happy Friday!


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22 March 2012

Plane views

Here are some photos out the window of my flight home from California the week before last… Snow on the north sides of mountains, but not on the south sides (view is from the south towards the north): Same thing here: And again… And again… it would appear that our route from Reno to Minneapolis had us routed over the northern hemisphere! Variation on the same theme: light-colored sand deposits …


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6 March 2012

Plane views

Some views from the airplane, over southern Wyoming (first two photos) and north-central Nevada (last four), last Saturday morning… A canyon: …and zooming in to the middle area of the previous photo: Strata upwarped into a structural dome (that has been “planed off” to be topographically horizontal, revealing a bull’s-eye-shaped outcrop pattern, then differentially weathered and highlighted by snow: Salt flat (playa lake + playa) in the Basin & Range …


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